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What does your event strategy look like?

What does your event strategy look like?

What does your event strategy look like?

At Everi we work with Tourism organisations across the country, and the problem we hear the most is that they need to build more vibrancy in their community to encourage more commerce, attract new residents, and to drive more value from the visitor economy.

The trend is that showcasing local and regional events is becoming a higher priority for economic development teams. Is this the case at your organisation or within your region?

The Everi platform offers a range of features that we are constantly evolving, to exceed user and market expectations, giving tourism and destination marketing teams the tools to better promote events.

Build your event strategy around technology with Everi and take advantage of a range of benefits including:

Benefits for regions:

  • Greater community vibrancy
  • More reasons to extend stay
  • Encourages regional dispersal
  • Access to 210,000+ events nationally
  • Regional approach to event marketing

Benefits for teams:

  • Precise control of local feed
  • Promote key strategic events
  • Easily list & promote events
  • Event analytics and reporting
  • Saas platform, updated regularly

Benefits for users:

  • Greater event awareness
  • Upcoming event notifications
  • Never miss an event with reminders
  • Share events via social
  • Plan around your event calendar

If your organisation has a plan in place we’d like to hear it and walk you through how Everi is helping organisations enrich their economic strategy.

Contact us for more information.