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The New Business Hub – Buy Something Tasmanian

Buy Something Tasmanian

The New Business Hub – Buy Something Tasmanian

As the scale of the pandemic became frighteningly obvious we began thinking about the “contactless economy”.

How can we buy from local businesses during a pandemic?

We spoke with our current partners including many in the Tasmanian Business community about their customers, and they wanted to know who was open and how could they buy from them?

Businesses needed to let customers know they were still open, though in a different, COVID-safe manner.

There are plenty of private sector solutions for e-commerce, and more emerging every day. But there wasn’t a single directory for Tasmanian businesses to tell their stories to other Tasmanians, and to sell to one another – extraordinary products, services, and experiences – while following all the latest advice and regulations relating to social distancing and COVID-safe workplaces.

Everi applied that logic that works for the event space to this problem. We proposed building a site that brings together all Tasmanian businesses into one platform. Together with the Tasmanian Government we built Buy Something Tasmanian.

Tasmanian businesses can build a profile, to sharpen their brand story and tell it to their existing, and new customers.

In addition to information about Tasmanian businesses for Tasmanians, it is also a resource for businesses to get information and support to get their products and services online.

This website came together extremely quickly, and it will evolve over time, but in the first week it saw over 825 Tasmanian Businesses listed.

Recovery and beyond

The purpose initially was to deliver current business information during lockdown, but as this scenario changes the site will provide ongoing support for locals looking to invest in their region by using this site to find goods and services.

The core features of the system are a robust and self managed business listing platform overseen by the heads of the business community. Each business can create their own page, with updated contact details, ordering and pickup options. Because it isn’t a solution the relies on ad revenue the content doesn’t compete with advertising or popups.

If your region is facing similar problems now, or would like a self reliant way to support the local economy reach out and we can discuss as similar solution.