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Delivering insight through event data

Delivering insight through event data

Delivering insight through event data

One of the big takeaways from the VTIC Visitor Economy Forum in February 2019 was the feedback from VTIC members around the importance on gathering data about the sector to monitor and predict trends. We have seen that the data our platform can provide about event trends in an area could be invaluable. We have been working this year on facilitating that awareness of event data.

Current Features

Currently our Event Hub platform includes a range of reporting tools;

  1. Google Analytics for visitor traffic and behaviour reporting
  2. On-demand and scheduled User Data export features for Admins containing basic site actions
  3. On-demand and scheduled Event Data export features for Admins, including all event data attributes.
  4. Site Activity statistics can be viewed by Admins from within the Dashboard, including user count, shortlisted event count, and the user-generated event count.

New Features

In March of 2019 we have released more in-depth reporting tool that allows Admins to:

  1. Download the number of new users in a chosen Month.
  2. Download a list of all events in a chosen Location.
  3. Download a list of all events in a chosen Category.
  4. Display a list of all events within a month with views, booking clicks and website clicks.

Future Features

On our Roadmap is to further develop the event data display to show:

  • Event Category trends
  • Event Location trends
  • Event trends by tag

Our approach to developing the platform has always been to build in features that are most valuable to our customers. If there are aspects to our reporting that we are missing that might be required by a specific customer, we will assess the requirement and it can then be prioritised into our development schedule.

If you have any questions you can contact our team at info@everi.com.au.